The ideal temperature for hard wax

The ideal temperature for hard wax

We get this question a lot. What is the right temperature to use your hard body wax?

It can be a challenging question to answer because:

  1. Most people don’t have a thermometer on hand or
  2. Not all wax pots are the same (or electrical currents or ambient room temperatures).

Here are 3 tools that I consider essential when finding the ideal temperature with hard wax:

  • Sliding Temperature Body Wax Melter: This means getting a wax melter that has a temperature dial that slides rather than clicks. The reason is that if you have a wax pot with three temperature settings (low, medium, high) and the dial slides, all the temperatures between low and medium and high are accessible. If you have a wax pot that only clicks to specific low, med, and high settings, then there’s a strong chance that none of those temperatures will be ideal for the wax product that you’re using. By using a clicking dial and not sliding one, you may have a melted wax that is either too hot or too cold. And if you have a wax is either too hot or too cold, the best case scenario, you'll find yourself working harder for the desired results and in the worst case scenario, you burn and/or lift the skin of your client.
  • Infrared Body Wax Thermometer: This tool is very handy and an easy way to measure wax temperature. When working with an infrared thermometer it is very important to mix the wax thoroughly before taking the temperature because the surface of the wax might be at a lower temperature than the wax underneath.
  • Visually: Another way to tell if the wax is melted to its optimum temperature is visual. Hard wax is at its ideal temperature when it is moving at a honey-like consistency. You should be able to hold enough wax on the applicator stick by turning the stick at a smooth pace. The wax is too hot if it looks runny, thin or drips off the applicator stick before you can collect the right amount of wax and turn it.

If the body wax is too cold

You’ll hold more wax on the stick and wax pulling will be a little too easy. What will happen is you’ll need to go over the same area several times. The reason this happens is wax cools and dries before it has a chance to shrink wrap around the hair. The wax will get thick fast and it will be harder to maneuver where you’d like it to go. Not to mention that it is more likely that the wax will break upon removal.

If the body wax is too hot

Ultimately you could burn your client or lift skin as you pull the wax when the wax is too hot. Visually, the wax will drip from the applicator stick before you have a chance to collect the right amount and turn the stick.

Working with the ideal temperature for a wax formulation is extremely important. The wax performs at its best when it’s at its ideal consistency. The ideal temperatures for Body Wax Brazil hard waxes are approximately 140ºF. Visually speaking, if the consistency is too thin or runny then the wax is too hot and should not be applied to the skin.

When the hard wax is at its ideal temperature, the waxing service is now set to go smoothly, quickly and to ensure your client's comfort as well as optimum results. In turn, it will guarantee that your client will return again and again.