Choosing the right hard wax for your business

Choosing the right hard wax for your business

Let's talk about the most important things to consider when choosing the right hard wax for your business. When it comes to hard wax (any wax really), the number one thing is always going to be formulation. 

Flexibility and Drying time for Hard Body Wax

The number one thing to consider is flexibility versus drying time in your hard body wax. If the body wax dries too fast, it is more likely to break upon removal which is not fun, and costly to you, and painful for your client. If the wax dries slow, it is probably very flexible, which can also tend to get gummy (especially in areas where the client runs a little bit warmer - did anyone say butt crack?). Not to mention that if too gummy, even hard wax sticks to the skin and if you insist on removing the wax before it properly cools and sets, skin lifting and bruising are much more prone to happen.

So the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. And not to overcomplicate things, but the middle can be a wide range. Ideally, you want a wax that gives you the drying time and flexibility to work confidently, laying several strips and then be able to pick them up without having that mini panic attack that the wax is going to break on you upon removal. 

Should you consider different drying times for different service areas? 

That depends on your proficiency as a waxer. Most hard waxes on the market are formulated as an all-purpose wax. As you become a more experienced waxer, you might find you could speed up and improve your services (win-win) if you have specifically formulated waxes for different body parts. With that said, if you are just starting out, too many pots running at the same time might make things more overwhelming than they need to be. 

Adherence to the hair

Alright. You've found a wax that doesn't crack and also sets within a reasonable amount of time. Woohoo! Next in line is making sure that the wax will pick up all of the hairs in the first swoop, every time. On a few special circumstances, a wax may leave hairs behind, such as the client shaved (insert angry face here) and now their hair is in two different growth cycles. Or maybe you are running late, the electric timer didn't turn on and now you are trying to work a miracle by waxing someone with not so melted hard wax. Anyway, the point is, if you find you are having to go more than once over the same area too often, then there’s probably another wax formula out there that could be serving you better. 

Consistency of the Hard Body Wax

Once the wax hits these checkmarks of flexibility, drying time and adherence, well then, you have landed in a formulation that is consistently serving your business and your clients. Now you get to start an expertly crafted and trusting relationship with your wax. Trust me, I know esthys that will let go of their dogs and husbands before they let go of their wax. Which brings me to my next point. 

And what is most essential when building a trusting relationship? Consistency. The wax needs to be the same. Every time. You gotta know what's in your pot. If you're buying a wax that behaves differently with every batch, that can bring a whole lot of trouble and anxiety. Not to mention it'll cost you. It might cost extra product, extra time or worst-case scenario, it can cost you a client. So it is crucial to work with a company that understands the importance of the role of a wax in a waxing business. A company that understands the trust you are laying upon them when choosing their product and that they cannot take that trust lightly. 

Ready to choose the right hard body wax for your business?

With all of the above in place, you can then move on to colors and fragrances. Whether you like blue, pink, brown, creamy colors, gel colors, whether you want it to smell like chocolate, watermelon or roses. That's all a matter of personal and branding preferences. A lot of times I hear comments like "this wax has xyz essence so it's good for the skin" and it makes sense. Because different brands have been trying to convince you of these claims for years. I happen to believe that what is in your post-wax care is much more effective and impactful to treat the skin than anything you could possibly add to the hard wax itself. 

Hard body waxes are specifically formulated to have a minimum amount of interaction with the skin, which is why we love it so much! Sticks to the hair and not the skin, a lot less prone to skin lifting or bruising then most soft waxes, minimum pain, and redness, etc. It sits on top of the skin for a minimal amount of time and then it is removed with hairs and dead skin. What you use on the skin after the waxing service, can really nourish, calm and treat the skin as the pores are open, new skin is exposed and there is plenty of time for the skin to absorb the product.