Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax for Hair Removal

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair. It provides long-lasting results for unbelievably smooth and hair-free skin. 

As a waxing business professional, you need to sort through so many products and varieties of wax. The most common choices are soft wax and hard wax. When it comes to finding the right beauty products for your clients, it's essential to know that both waxes will remove hair effectively, but they do so in different ways. 

At Body Wax Brazil, we offer an excellent selection of both hard waxes and soft waxes. Our waxes are perfect for all over the body and for all skin types.

Our Hard Wax Collection 

Our chocolate hard wax is designed to handle more delicate areas of the body. It is a specially formulated hard body wax for the bikini line, face, toes, and hairline. 

Hard wax is thicker than soft wax and is ideal for sensitive skin types. Professionals apply the wax in a much thicker layer and then pull it off once it has had sufficient time to harden. 

Though hard body wax is typically applied to sensitive areas like the cheeks, upper lip, and bikini area, it can be used all over the body. Hard wax is sometimes harder to use when waxing large areas of the body, such as the back or legs, because application and removal are very time-sensitive. If the wax is still runny, it will not remove the hair effectively, and if it’s too dry, it will crack and break, which makes removing it from the area very painful for the client. 

When you use hard wax for your waxing services, your staff will have to learn new or adjust their application skills. They will have to create a tab on one end of the strip so that they can remove it in one smooth motion as well. 

The great thing about using hard wax is that it will not stick to the skin but rather the hair. That will make for a more comfortable experience. Unlike some soft waxes, hard wax doesn’t leave behind any unwanted residue. If you have a client with sensitive skin, hard wax is the better choice.

Our Soft Wax Collection

Soft body wax is better at getting finer hairs on larger parts of the body. Soft wax is perfect for the legs, armpits, chest, back, and even your arms. Our soft wax will give your clients a similar result as our hard wax, but it is tailored for larger application areas. 

Soft wax is applied in a thin layer on the skin and then removed by sticking a strip over the top and pulling it in the opposite direction that the hair is growing. One thing to remember with soft wax is that it is not really ideal to use on the more sensitive body part, such as the bikini area or the upper lip. It can possibly cause irritation and ingrown hairs in those areas. Some soft waxes may leave a sticky residue, and that is what irritates the skin after a treatment. 

One downfall with soft wax is that it will stick to both the skin and hair, unlike hard wax that only sticks to the hair and not the skin. So, when an aesthetician removes the strip, some skin may be removed along with the hair and strip, causing minor discomfort.

Which Wax is Right for Your Clients? 

Certain waxes will be more suitable for some clients than others. Also, some areas of the body may respond better to a specific type of wax, producing the desired results. It is always best to do your research before selecting a large quantity of wax. If you’re a boutique shop, waxing only one body part, then your choice may be easier. However, for large spas and salons waxing all or a range of body parts, it is best to be prepared for all needs and all skin types. 

If you’re waxing larger body parts such as the legs or arms, then soft body wax would be the better choice. Soft wax works great to remove any unwanted hair from the larger areas, and it may be quicker too.

Hard body wax works great for the more sensitive areas like the face, armpits, and the bikini area. It will not stick to this already sensitive skin or cause much irritation. 

Know your business plan and your clients’ needs, and you will make the right choice! 

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