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Depilatory waxes formulated to help you grow your business 

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Why We Do It

We believe that a confident esthetician armed with great techniques and the right product line create an unstoppable business model. Shoot for the stars, and we will help you get there!

  Inspired By

That moment – right after the waxing service – you see the gratitude in your client's face. You just turned them into a believer! Waxing horror stories are thing of the past!

What We Do

Body Wax Brazil manufactures hair removal wax and accessories which are innovative, eco-conscious and incredibly effective. 


It feels like we’re doing business with a friend & not just another faceless company. 

Daisy D.

I LOVE your story and your chocolate wax! My clients go crazy for it. Your wax has made me popular in my little beach town and I'm a hit!

Maria C.

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