FAQ - Custom Wax Questions

Once my order is placed, how long until I receive my custom wax? 
Lead time ranges from 3-4 weeks once your order is placed.

What is the minimum order for custom wax? 
It depends on format.  The minimums for the wax in trays is 200 lbs. For beads, the minimum is 800 lbs. 

How much does custom wax cost? 
There are set up costs and the cost of the wax. Set up costs will vary and cover lab time and wax development with up to 4 rounds of formulation samples. The cost of the wax is per pound and similar to everything else on our website, the more you buy, the more you save.

How about shipping for custom orders? 
You can choose your carrier of choice of course. If you don't have a shipping carrier, no problem. We ship using ground shipping service or with LTL freight. We ship a lot so we get great pricing. We are more than happy to pass on our savings our clients. 

Do you offer payment terms? 
New clients have the option to pay in full or pay for 50% of the invoice at the time of order and 50% at the time of shipment.

Have more Custom Wax questions? See our Discovery Call page to speak with one of our Sales Representatives.