The Wax Collections

All of Body Wax Brazil formulations, hard or soft, feature a low-temperature melting point and easy removal. Our waxes are perfect for all over the body and for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Plus, our waxes have the highest bulb-count of any wax you’ll ever try. Higher bulb-count removal means weaker, thinner and less hair regrowth.


The Chocolate Wax — This formulation is without a doubt our best seller. There is nothing like The Chocolate Wax for for smaller areas such as bikini, underarms and face. This hard wax will deliver expert results for you (and your customer) every time. It gently, yet effectively removes all the vellus and thick hairs in just one application.

The Honey Wax — While also a polymer free hard wax, The Honey Wax is specifically formulated for longer drying time, which is perfect for backs or chest area. This hard wax works well on parts of the body where you would like work several areas/strips at the same time. Laying larger or several strips at once allows you to speed up service time and in turn, increase profitability.

Please note that while The Honey Wax works very well on most body parts. If applied over the pubic bone or backside, you should wait a bit longer for the wax to dry to the ideal consistency for removal. If you remove it too soon, it will probably be "gummy" or sticky.

The Nude Wax — All wax, no fluff. Our most popular formulation (The Chocolate Wax), free of fragrance and color. 



The Cream Soft Wax — Creamy soft wax with a slight honey aroma. Ideal for all body parts. Great for sensitive skin areas and leaves no residue behind. Works well with speed waxing techniques. The thinner the application, the better. A little goes a very long way.


The Chocolate Soft Wax — Performs as just like the Cream Soft Wax, but looks like chocolate milk and smells like The Chocolate Wax.


The Soy Soft Wax — A spectacular soft wax formulation that is very effective, yet gentle on the skin. Contains soy and titanium dioxide. Fragrance-free.