Founder's Story & PCOS

A Personal Note From Company Founder

My inspiration and motivation to start making body wax came out of pure personal necessity... So let's get personal!

I am the hairiest person I know. When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome. My most prominent symptom has always been what's known as hirsutism - excessive body hair.

Brazilians Like Bikinis
You see... I grew up in Brazil. And even though it was wonderful growing up near the beach, my condition didn't make life any easier. My hormones were all over the place and I had hair in all the places a grownup man should have hair. Throughout my teenage years I waxed, tweezed, bleached, shaved and lasered my face, legs, stomach, arms, back and bikini-area.

During that time, I tried to make friends with the razor on several occasions. Who can resist its advantages? No down time, no pain. But within a week, my hair would get so strong I found myself having to shave twice a day. I would have a 5 o'clock shadow everywhere!

No Relief
If you have PCOS or have been close to someone with PCOS, then you know that no permanent relief or solution can be found in a doctor's office. If anything, the doctors in Brazil made me feel even crazier for having my complex and complaints. And I know for a fact that this situation can be just as true in the US as it is in Brazil.

Desperately Seeking Something
In 2001 I moved from Brazil to Denver, Colorado, and let me tell you something… back then there were absolutely no products on the market that were consistently capable of removing my unwanted body hair. I would go to the store and buy 2... 3... 5 different kinds of wax at a time. When I got home (you know the routine!) I would apply the wax, apply the cloth, rub it in, yank it off and FEEL THE PAIN! And when I looked down, all the hair would still be there except for a few hairs that had broken off.

The only word that comes close to describing what I felt is “desperation.” I was in desperate need of full body waxing, yet professional waxing was a service that was so much more expensive back then. Not to mention the fact that I needed to get waxed at least every 2 weeks.

I can't tell you how many waxing horror stories I have. From layers of lost skin to actually being turned down by an aesthetician who said she would not wax me. Seriously!

But as they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and out of extreme necessity I finally developed the body wax formulas you see on this site.

I've Found It !!
Over the years I started creating a variety of waxes, some good and some bad. But for six solid years, I refused to stop trying until the perfect wax was created. During my travels to Brazil I took many courses on wax making and experimented with a huge variety of ingredients. After all of these trials and tribulations, I was happy to say that my hard work finally paid off. I created what I consider to be the “perfect wax”, a product that met the needs of PCOS women and anyone else with unwanted body hair. Gentle enough for my very sensitive skin, yet strong and malleable enough to remove the thickest, strongest, most stubborn hair by the roots. You wouldn't believe how overjoyed I was to have finally discovered a wax formula that resulted in weaker, sparser hair with every waxing.

It's been a long journey and words cannot express how happy I am to be able to share Body Wax Brazil with you. My greatest hope is that our products do for you what they have done for me and my clients. No more hiding our bodies in embarrassment over our body hair!

So here's to self-confidence, to welcoming warm weather, to skirts and bikinis and to letting your natural beauty shine through your smooth and truly beautiful skin.

Thank you for reading my story!
Chaiane (Chu) Gelosa