The Blue Ocean Soft Wax - 16oz Can - NW2024

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Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene Soft Wax

One unit contains 16 oz of beautiful blue wax, rosin free, low temperature gel soft wax. This soft wax is gentle and effective on all skin types. Apply an ultra-thin layer of soft wax to pick up even the smallest hairs!

This wax is performs well in all soft wax services. Ideal for beginners as well as expert estheticians. 

This formula is available in blue colored and fragrance free.

If you love this formula but would like it in a different color/fragrance combination, please contact our custom wax department.

Formula name: Recife


  • Applies at a low temperature;
  • Great for all purpose soft wax waxing;
  • The very low residue, yielding a clean and fast service;
  • Perfect for all types of skin;
  • Tin Size: Cir: 3.75" x H: XYZ
  • Suitable for beginners as well as expert estheticians.

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