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Don't know which wax to buy? No problem! Try all of our hard wax formulations with our Hard Wax Sample pack. Perfect for testing and finding the perfect fit for your technique, clientele, and climate. By purchasing the sample pack you'll get to experience the different ingredients, drying times, flexibility and high efficiency of all of our formulas as you find the one that is just perfect for you and your clients. 

In this pack you'll get 5 lbs of wax total. 1 can (16oz) of each of our hard wax formulas. The Chocolate Wax, The Honey Wax, The Lush Wax, The Beach Wax and the Silk Wax.  -LINK TO EACH PRODUCT

Free Shipping. Limit one per customer. 

If you love any of these formulas but would like it in a different color/fragrance combination, please contact our custom wax department.


  • Learn the difference between the feel of different wax bases;
  • Find the formula that is just perfect for your waxing style, wow your clients and grow your business;
  • Know the type of formulation that best serves you and your technique;
  • Purchase with confidence after having tested a variety of formulations

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