The Soy Soft Wax - 16oz

The Soy Soft Wax - 16oz

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One unit contains 16 oz of The Soy Soft Wax, a plant-based, low temperature, fragrance-free, and biodegradable soft wax. As a house favorite, The Soy Soft Wax is a must-try. 

This wax applies like soft wax and while it uses the assistance of a strip for removal, it peels off the skin like a hard wax. The Soy Soft Wax is gentle and effective on all skin and hair types. A very thin application is ideal to pick up even the smallest hairs!

Please note that The Soy Soft Wax dries a little faster than regular soft wax and is not ideal for speed waxing techniques. Therefore if you lay down a large application, commonly used with speed waxing, you will find that you will need a bit more pressure on the strip for removal. For speed waxing techniques, please check out our other soft wax formulations. 


  • Applies at a low temperature;
  • Applies like soft wax but removes like hard
  • Very gentle on skin;
  • Very low residue, yielding a clean and fast service;
  • Perfect for all types of skin;
  • Biodegradable formula.
  • Tin Size: Cir: 3.75" x H 2.75"